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Graphene based systems

Graphene displays very peculiar electronic and structural properties - strictly quantum chemical in nature - stemming from its symmetry and from carbon chemistry. On the other hand, their exploitation for designing practical devices requires large scale simulations (on the nano-to micro scale) [1]. The multi-scale serial approach is therefore applied[2], first to study basic properties at the QM level[3], which are then transferred into empirical FFs at the MM or coarser levels. We apply these concepts to the study of the interactions between hydrogen and graphene, in view of applications in the hydrogen storage and nano-electronics [4][5][6].

Graphene shows enhanced reactivity on defects [7] and convexities, which are therefore more prone to chemically adsorb hydrogen [8]. This given, we proposed an hydrogen storage device with loading/release mechanism based on the curvature manipulation, and proved its efficiency by means of Car-Parrinello simulations [9]. The dynamical curvature control could be obtained by means of coherent flexural phonons[10], which can also transport molecular hydrogen on macroscopic scales, as shown by means of atomistic MD simulations with Tersoff-like FFs. In addition, graphene gronw by Si evaporation on SiC is naturally rippled and DFT studies reveal multi-stabilty of rippling patterns, which could be exploited for curvature switching [11]. MuScaDe provides proprietary software specifically designed to implement the graphene multilayer plus hydrogen system with excited flexural phonons of given amplitude and wavelength (currently only for DL_POLY).

Fig 1: Simulation of rippled graphene with hydrogen. From top to bottom and left to right: DFT based calculations of naturally corrugated graphene on SiC substrate. The buffer layer and the first monolayer (with its electronic density, in orange) are distinguishable. On the right, the isolated and rippled graphene sheet, pristine and hydrogenated on the convexities (hydrogen atoms in orange). In the center, flexural phonons can detach hydrogen, and transport it in molecular form along the propagation direction, as shown by classical MD simulations with atomistic FFs (bottom).


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